Medieval Knights

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My Montage 11/24/08

BY:Michelle Hughes

In Medieval times, knights were the role models to peasants and lower class.  Knights were heroic, honorable, honest, and brave.  They were gentlemen who followed a strict code of chivalry, or manners.  Knights competed in fighting and jousting tournaments, where they wore extensive armor and used dangerous weapons. Not only did they fight in tournaments, but they also fought for the Church during the Crusades.   Knights weren’t only warriors, but also romantic gentleman, who thought women, should be treated with respect and honor.  Although reaching knighthood was a long and educational process.

warsaddKnights were usually sons of a higher-class man, but not their first-born.  When they were seven years old, their fathers would send them to a lord.  This is where they served as almost a servant, doing errands and serving the nobles and ladies.  In return the lords would teach them Christianity, how to use a sword and horse, to read and write, dancing, singing, and most importantly manners.  At thirteen, the boy would become a squire, or apprentice, to a knight.  The knight taught him advanced techniques with the sword and shield.  The knight also taught him the responsibility and job of being a knight.  The master knight usually thought the apprentice to be ready to become a knight between the ages of eighteen to twenty.  Before the knighting ceremony, the apprentice would usually spend all night praying in the Church for a safe journey as a knight.knights-armor-2

Knights put their wives on a pedestal.  They trusted them enough to take their place in protecting the land, while they went to war.  Usually the only reason men would try to win tournaments would be to impress a particular rich woman.  Knights would usually marry a nobleman’s daughter in order to get the nobleman’s land when he died.  This is because after he retired as a knight, the knight would have nothing, expect the land of his wife’s father.  The knights would let their wives out of the house, unlike previous civilization where the wives just stayed home and took care of the children.  The wives were still meant to have many children though.


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