The Reality of the Middle Ages

By: Jasmine
In Hollywood they make movies and games about how the times were back in the Middle Ages. In some movies the Middle Ages is described as a dark and evil time. They are told to have dragons in many movies, even though they did not even have such a thing back then. Also in movies they have Queens, Kings, Princess and Princes. In reality they did not have any of these instead they were called Lords. Lords had men called peasants to serve them. There was also nobles and monarchs. They all lived in a place called a manor. In movies they have castles but they also did have castles but it wasnt played out as it is in the movies as it really is. There were also dungeons in hollywood films and they did have dungeons but not for the same purpose as in the middle ages they took it to a different extreme. There were also knights, these were soliders in the manor. They had to go through different stages. In movies they were heros most of the time, in the Middle Ages they had to protect the Lords. Thats your fiction and reality of the Middle Ages.




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