History vs. Hollywood (The Middle Ages)

By:Michelle H

Hollywood movies have exagerated about the middle ages. Movies, like Shrek, have turned the Middle Ages into a time of dragons, sorcerors, princesses, and knights. In Shrek, he has to kill a fire-breathing dragon to get to the highest tower to save the girl. There weren’t any dragons in the real Middle Ages, but there were knights. The knights were civilized warriors. They followed chivilary, or code. This means that the knights were required to be brave, loyal, and true to their word. They fought fair, and put women on a pedistool, so they would seem like gentlemen.

The warriors won fights for women, in order to impress them and win them over. To the knights, the women were like prizes, or princesses. Hollywood has exagerrated this concept of the woman being a prize. They portray these women as being real princesses when they were really only daughters of noblemen.


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