Constatine the Great

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Constantine the Great

Constantine was born in Naissus, Upper Moesia, on February 27th in roughly AD 285.  In about 312 A.D. Constantine gained power. He continued Diocletian’s ideas and reforms, and he also changed history. Constantine aloud Christians to be tolerated. He encouraged the growth of Christianity and guaranteed success. He built the capital Constantinople on the strait that connects the Mediterranean and Black seas. Constantine made the eastern part of the empire strong by making the capital in the east.
The western empire weakened, but the east was strong for centuries. Diocletian and Constantine revived the economy, and increased the power of the government. They held the empire together for another century, but could not keep the empire from its long-term decline.  Constantine died on May 22nd AD 337 at the imperial villa at Ankyrona from illness.


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