By Michelle Hughes

In A.D. 79 Mt.Vesuvius erupted. Pompeii was shadowed by Mt.Vesuvius. Within two days Pompeii had disappeared. Before the eruption, Pompeii had the fanciest homes, beautiful mosaic floors, and colorful murals. Pompeii was a wealthy and busy town. The townspeople of Pompeii, a rich Roman resort town, felt tremors but weren’t scared. No one could remember the last time Mt.Vesuvius exploded, so they didn’t know what was coming. Mt.Vesuvius exploded with hot liquid rock,and bursted ash and rocks into the air. Lightning bolts and clouds of ash filled the sky. As the ash started to fall, people tried to run away to their cellars. Most people were suffocated and buried in ash. Rain hardened the ash, making perfect molds of people, which are still in great condition today.

Cast of a body from A.D. 79

Cast of a body from A.D. 79


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