Spartians were Dorlans that conquered the Loconia. After they invaded them and took control the Spartians they tunred them into slaves. They made the slaves work on the land. Sparta was isolated from all the other Greek. They also looked down on trade and wealth, they didnt want any of their citizens to travel. They had little use for ideas and art. Most other peopl looked up to their military but they didnt like the way the live. They said “Spartian are willing to die for thier city because they have no reason to live.”
     In thier government they had two kings and a council of elders who advised the monarchs. The citizens were native born male of thirty years old. They elected five ephors, officials who held the real power and ran day-to-day affairs.
     The women in thier country were expected to have a healthy son for the army. In order to have strong son the strengthened thier own bodies, no other Greek women did it. If thier son was weak it was left to be killed. They also had to obey thier fathers and husband. Women had the right to inhert property since the men were usually in the military. They were alos in charge of running thier family.
     Kids were sent to the army when they were seven years old. They had to get prepared for the army ahead of time. If they were sick when they were born they were left to die. They had to move to barracks to live in when they were in the military. They had a coarse diet, hard exercises, and rigid disipline.  At the age of 20 a man can get married but they still had to live in the barracks another 10 years and eat there for another 40 years.


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